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I would definitely recommend that people go in blind for this one. it was A Ride for sure, but one I loved. the intriguing settings, the twists and turns in this book were immaculate. It made me gasp out loud several times and even swoon because it was that lovely. If it's not clear already, I highly recommend it!

An exhilarating tale that seamlessly weaves ecological urgency with the gritty underworld of the Golden Triangle. The eccentric scientist's quest, entwined with Greg Robber's perilous journey, unfolds a riveting narrative of suspense, betrayal, and redemption. A masterful blend of vivid characters and pulsating adventure earns this novel a well-deserved 5 stars!

I loved this book! Great story line. Had me excited to turn each page. I definitely would recommend.

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The author writes well. This is the book for you if you like secrets, twists, and turns in exotic settings.

Wow! This isn’t my usual type of read but I am very glad I won this book and got the chance to review it. I really enjoyed this read and I cannot wait to read more books by this author.

This book started out strong and kept me captivated through the entire read! I didn’t find myself getting bored with it. I kept wondering what was going to happen next or where this story was going. I already recommended to one of my friends and can’t wait for them to get it and read it.

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