The Cast

"The earth in its devotion carries all things, good and evil, without exceptions."

— The I Ching


Greg Robber, a Rhodes Scholar in Oriental Languages researching the hill tribe people in Thailand.

Nok, a hill tribe woman from the village of Ban Su in the Golden Triangle.

Albie, Lord Albert Saint Clair IV, the 15th Baron Lynn and officer of the Order of the British Empire, a world-renowned geo-physicist.

Wes, an expat, a retired U.S. military officer living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and co-owner of Mama’s Bakery Bar.

Sister Mary Peyton, a Catholic nun with a medical clinic in Chiang Rai.

Ping, a young Thai woman and single mother living with Albie.

Jack, a casino owner in Chiang Mai whose Thai name is Lewcharlemwong.

Elliot, a U. S intelligence operative.

Fat Man, an ethnic Chinese drug lord and Chiang Mai criminal boss.

Fat Boy, the venomous son of Fat Man.

Preeya, the legendary Lady in White, an incandescent Northern Thai beauty, and an incomparable card dealer.

Lady Guinevere Saint Clair, the sister of Lord Albert and heiress of Saint Clair fortune.

Crissa Gilbert, the personal attorney, and girl Friday to Lady Saint Clair.

Mac, Ret. Colonel Richard Macmillan, a former Army Ranger, and owner of the American Bar in Pattaya.

Pancho, aka Wireless, aka Stephen Joyce, a Vietnam war hero, a recovering heroin addict, and the current manager of the American Bar.


Charlie, an employee of the Oriental Hotel and driver for Greg.

T’ang, the patriarch of Ban Su hill tribe and grandfather of Nok.

Mama, khun Mae, the co-owner of Mama’s and the common-law wife of Wes.

Jaz, best friend to Preeya.

Doctor Qiang, an ethnic Chinese acupuncturist in the Chinatown section of Chiang Mai.

Mei Li, the comely daughter of Dr. Q and a purveyor of tea and wisdom.

Anthony Blackledge, the personal solicitor of Lord Albert Saint Clair IV.

Fowles, the British Consul in Chiang Mai.

Thaksin, a croupier in Tiger’s Den.

Tiger, the eponymous owner of Tiger’s Den gaming house in Bangkok.

Sergeant Somsak, a Chiang Mai police officer.

Pepper, a feral beauty at the American Bar.

Rafferty, former Special Branch, the bodyguard of Lady Saint Clair.

Arthit, a hill tribesman and successor to T’ang as village leader.

MINOR CHARACTERS (a selection)

Joe Hardy, a disreputable journalist for the Bangkok Post.

Geoffrey Hawthorne, the friendly General Manager of the Oriental Hotel.

Irving Raleigh, a foppish functionary in the British Consulate.

Dang, the older sister of Ping.

Dao, Ping’s daughter.

Sasinan, a retired Thai boxer now employed at the American Bar.

Caterina Notari, deceased, runner-up to Miss Italy, and the first wife of Lord Albert IV.

Zou Yang, a jade dealer in Chiang Mai.

The bandits.