About House of Fat Man

In the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia, a British scientist's mission to save forests clashes with opium lords, pulling a young American researcher into a perilous battle against a ruthless Chinese drug lord.

In the heart of the treacherous Golden Triangle, a British maverick scientist's audacious endeavor to thwart teak deforestation takes a perilous turn as it disrupts the opium cultivation that has thrived for decades.

As the conflict unfolds, young American 'researcher' Greg Robber becomes ensnared in the clandestine world of his enigmatic British associate, plunging headlong into a harrowing battle for their lives against the notorious Chinese drug lord, known only as the Fat Man.

Amidst the perilous labyrinth of the hill tribe's heroin domain, when Lord Saint Clair vanishes without a trace, Greg embarks on a descent into the murky recesses of Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Pattaya. There, he seeks alliance amidst the morally bankrupt expatriates, beguiling yet tainted women, deceitful gamblers, and nefarious individuals — a den of serpents, each harboring their dark secrets, where deception, desire, and duplicity reign.

Violence, forbidden romance, mutual treachery, banishment, and, ultimately, vengeance shall etch the destiny of Greg, on his ill-fated odyssey deep within the heart of the enigmatic Golden Triangle.

About the Author

Every spy has an origin story, and the literary thriller House of Fat Man, written with a nod to John LeCarré and Olen Steinhauer, while filled with questions about codes of decency, our choices in moments of crises, and the cost of irreversible acts, is above all about secrets, the secrets we never forget, the secrets which are like ceaseless drops of water drilling through rock—incessant and unremitting—until there is space for dynamite.

M. Gerard-Alesco lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and traveled throughout Southeast Asia. He later spent four years in Barcelona, Spain and now lives in South Carolina.